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[bug report] Erroneous results from the "AB in CD out Condition" block

Question asked by APS on Jul 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by jmccarty

Hi all,


I hope you are not fed up (yet) with my bug reports. I hope that posting it here may help others. If there's a better way to pass such messages to Sigma Studio developers just let me know.  Here goes the next one.


Using Sigma Studio 3.11.1 BETA with ADAU1452MINIZ I get erroneous results from the "AB in CD out Condition" block. To put things short: "<" works like "<=", "<=" works like "<", ">" works like ">="  and ">=" works like ">". So every operator gives unexpected result when a=b.


An example:

The project file is also attached.