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Reporter Tool: Can't create report from .prf file after instrument profiler run

Question asked by mlomonaco on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by DavidS


I am having trouble in generating the html report via File>New>Code Analysis Report>Instrumented profiling

The dxe was built with the -p switch and the -D_PROCESSOR_SPEED set in MHz.

The run was executed on the ADSP21479 EZKIT LITE board with SADA2 mounted.


The error I get is


The .prf seems to be built correctly on the run. I also tried to manually flush via instrprof_request_flush() but with no success.

My intuition says that the .prf file for some reason is not flushed correctly. The app is a non-terminating one and in order to terminate in the main loop after a certain amount of realtime process via a counter var I forced the flush and/or exit().


Also randomly program terminates unexpectedly via a __ADI_AGL_CRT_SW_BRANCHRETURN_5816 exit code (at least I see that code near the _lib_prog_term label in the assembly window.


Finally I want to be sure that everything is working good, because the instrumented exe works terribly slow in such a way that I doubt that the profiling would be either meaningfull. Hey guys: why didnt you developed the beautiful statistical profiler that was so good in VDSP++?