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How to access external ADC/DAC TDM or SPI input/output from Sigma Studio?

Question asked by ssanchez on Sep 9, 2010
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I am thinking on building a system based on ADAU1701 using external ADC and DACs for 8 channel input/output in TDM mode. How can I access these inputs/outputs in the Sigma Studio software? I can't find a block for this. Is the usual "Input" and "Output" block shared for the on-board ADC/DACs and the external ones or what?

Also, is it possible for the ADAU1701 / Sigma Studio soft to manage up to 10 analog audio inputs (8 TDM in + the two internal ADC's) + 12 audio outputs (8 TDM out + the four internal DAC's) and process them (up to the processing limits of the part, of course)?