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Noise occurred when using ADV7619 for 4Kx 2K YCbCr 422 HDMI signal receiving

Question asked by Jane on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2014 by GuenterL

Dear Sir,

My customer is using ADV7619KSVZ-P in video processing system. During the test, when the input signal is 4K X2K YCbCr 422, mussy spot flicking noise occurs on the display. The attached picture is for your information.

The noise only occurred when the input signal is 4K-YCbCr 422, if the input signal is 4K-RGB4444K-YCbCr444, or lower resolution, no noise occurred at all.

Input signal relevanted AVI Infoframe listed as below: (AVI infoframe data indicates it is YCbCr 422)

0xe0          0x82

0xe1          0x02

0xe2          0x0d

0x00          0x3f

0x01          0x30

0x02          0x00

0x03          0x00

0x04          0x00

0x05          0x00

0x06          0x00

0x07          0x00

0x08          0x00

0x09          0x00

0x0a          0x00

0x0b          0x00

0x0c          0x00

0x0d          0x00

0x0e          0x00

0x0f           0x00

0x10          0x00

0x11          0x00

0x12          0x00

0x13          0x00

0x14          0x00

0x15          0x00

0x16          0x00

0x17          0x00

0x18          0x00

0x19          0x00

0x1a          0x00

0x1b          0x00

Further checked this issue: separately tested R/G/B input signal (4K X2K YCbCr 422):

R range below (228,0,0) : No noise

R range above (228,0,0) to (255, 0,0) : Spot flicking noise occurred

G full range (0,255,0) : No noise

B range below (0,0,228) : No noise

B range above (0,0,228) to (0, 0,255) : Spot flicking noise occurred


Here is ADV7619 register setting:

0x98                 0xff                      0x80

0x98                 0xf4                     0x80

0x98                 0xf5                     0x7c

0x98                 0xf8                     0x4c

0x98                 0xf9                     0x64

0x98                 0xfa                     0x6c

0x98                 0xfb                     0x68

0x98                 0xfd                     0x44

0x68                 0xc0                    0x03

0x98                 0x01                    0x06

0x98                 0x02                    0xf2

0x98                 0x03                   0x40

0x98                 0x05                   0x28

0x98                 0x06                   0xa3

0x98                 0x0c                    0x42

0x98                 0x15                   0x80

0x98                 0x19                   0x83

0x98                 0x33                   0x40

0x44                 0xba                   0x01

0x44                 0x6c                   0x00

0x64                 0x40                   0x81

0x4c                  0xb5                   0x01

0x68                 0xc0                    0x03

0x68                 0x00                   0x08

0x68                 0x02                   0x03

0x68                 0x03                   0x98

0x68                 0x10                   0xa5

0x68                 0x45                   0x04

0x68                 0x97                   0xc0

0x68                 0x3d                   0x10

0x68                 0x3e                   0x69

0x68                 0x3f                     0x46

0x68                 0x4e                   0xfe

0x68                 0x4f                     0x08

0x68                 0x50                   0x00

0x68                 0x57                   0xa3

0x68                 0x58                   0x07

0x68                 0x83                   0xfc

0x68                 0x84                   0x03

0x68                 0x85                   0x10

0x68                 0x86                   0x9B

0x68                 0x89                    0x03

0x68                 0x9b                   0x03

0x68                 0x93                0x03

0x68                 0x5a                   0x80


Would you please help to check and give some advice for this noise issue?


What’s more, there is another technical issue for ADV7619 application in this customer: (It is not concerned with below issue, just a new question)

Sometimes ADV7619 IO Map (0x98) register 0x6A readback value indicate that DE regeneration lock signal is not locked and Vertical sync filter is not locked. It this case, ADV7619 must be reset and configurate one more time.

Would you please help to advise also what’s the cause for it?


Many thanks in advance.



Best Regards,