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DAC Issue-AD5724

Question asked by rakesh.k on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by msamera

We are using AD5724/TSSOP24 in one of our project. We have configured the DAC as per the requirements, and able to write and read data from DAC registers. But still we are not getting any outputs in DAC channels, it is showing 0.6V always.

Below is the code snippet to set 10V in DAC channel A, similar way we tried other channels also.



SendData(0x190004); //config = CTRL address| Clamp Enable

SendData(0x080002); // Setting dacA for 10.8V

SendData(0x10000f); //setting the power


//Here 10us time delay is taken care

SetVoltage(0x00ED00); //setting 10V in channel A


void SetVoltage(unsigned long voltage)


unsigned long output;

output = voltage;

//ClearDAC();    // we tried uncommenting this also – (0x1C0000)


//LoadDAC();  // we tried uncommenting this also – (0x1D0000)



void SendData(unsigned long data)


    unsigned char p;

    LATBbits.LATB5 = 0;  //CS enable


    p = data >> 16;

    SPIPut(2, p);


    p = data >> 8;

    SPIPut(2, p);


    p = data;

    SPIPut(2, p);


  LATBbits.LATB5 = 1;  //CS disable



SPI Write screen shot is attached, reading also working fine.

Channel 4 – CS

Channel 5 – MISO

Channel 6 – MOSI

Channel 7 – Clock