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Stepsize for ADV 202

Question asked by gongjiulu on Jul 24, 2014
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I have a question about setting the parameter of 'stepsizes', when using ADV202 for JEGP2K compression.

The original image is 320X256, 14bit, the rate-control algorithm is set to 'Target Size per video field/image' model.

In order to have a better compressed quality, we use a new set of 'stepsizes' calculated according to ISO/IEC15444-1, This setting works when using the software of KAKADU, but not for ADV202. We find the the 'stepsizes' has changed as we wished, but the compression quality hasn't. Can you tell me the possible reasons?


Though, the original image is of 14 bit, the gray-scale range is only about hundreds. Can you tell me, how I can get a better compression results?