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How to start up ADV7513?

Question asked by cau4kien on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by mattp

I have followed the Quick Start Guide Section 3 of ADV7513 Programming Guide and Section 4.2.9 Fixed Register must be set.

I wrote a VHDL code to program ADV7513, I did not read all register but I did check some important register such as x041 should be x"1'0 to power up  the device etc ..


- write 0x10 to register 0x41

- write0 x03 to register 0x98

- write 0xE0 to register 0x9A

- write0 x30 to register 0x9C

- write 0x01 to register 0x9D

- write0 xA4 to register 0xA2

- write 0xA4 to register 0xA3

- write0 xD0 to register 0xE0

- write 0x00 to register 0xF9

- write0 x30 to register 0x16     -- 8 bit input RGB, ID = 0 no style needed: simple "ramp" input for each RGB component

- write0 x00 to register 0x17  

left the register 0xAF alone using default (DVI mode).


There is nothing fancy about input video, just a "ramp" model i.e. 8 bit counter value for each RGB "color", I'm confident that I2c programming is correct as I struggled  a week ago Sasa has helped to sort out the address issue.


Anyone has worked on this please give advice, I just want to bring up the hardware for other to develop the application, but the Del PC screen said "No DVI-D Cable, The display will go to Power Saver Mode in 5 min. ..."

Should I program 0x02 to register 0x17 to use HDMI mode ? or HDMI 2 DVI cable is not appropriate ? etc ? Why there is no signal to monitor even I powered-up the chip (programmed register 0x41,an  i2c _read shows value of 0x10 x041[6] = 0 power up with HD pin tied to logic '1'.