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IIR biquad Coefficients from 'General Filter'?

Question asked by PeterTheRed on Jul 24, 2014
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One thing I immediately loved about Sigma Studio was the ability to specify a chain of many biquads by their coefficients by loading a text file.  Since I often design filters in matlab, it was pretty straightforward to export a set of coefficients to a text file that Sigma Studio can read.


Of course, its also great to be able to directly specify a filter in Sigma Studio by it's Fc and Q (in the case of 2nd-order LP) using the 'General (2nd order) Filter' block, so sometimes that's the easier workflow.


Now, I need to verify the equivalence of some filters designed in Matlab to those specified in Sigma Studio using a 'General LP Filter.'  for the same parameters and Fs (measurements indicate a discrepancy!)  My question is:  ** How can I view/export the coefficients generated by a General LP Filter block for a given set of parameters? **