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Question asked by tescott on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by tescott

I’ve got a Zedboard and an AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ rev C board.  I’ve been able to successfully deploy the no-OS repo ( combined with the fpgahdl_xilinx repo ( to my target.  Running the example program works great!


I’m running into issue, however, that I hope someone can assist me with:


  1. I’m trying to build the RTL from scratch using the HDL repo ( Even though the cf_xcomm_zed files in fpgahdl_xilinx indicate things were built using Vivado 2012.4 / 14.4, I can’t seem to use that version of Vivado with the HDL repo.  For instance, I get “unknown parameter” errors when I try to rebuild the axi_ad9122 library using 2012.4.  If I switch to Vivado 2013.4 / 14.7, I can successfully build the libraries and the project, and ultimately can export the SDK and related .bit file.
  2. Proceeding with the Vivado 2013.4 build doesn’t appear to work for me with the no-OS repo code.  The no-OS build fails due to several changed references in the xparameters.h file.  For example, XPAR_AXI_AD9643_0_BASEADDR does not exist, but XPAR_AXI_AD9643_BASEADDR does.  That’s easy enough to address: I've gone through and updated all the references to their new, equivalent values.  With those modifications, the code compiles and I can deploy it to the target.  Unfortunately, this code fails after it tries to initialize things.  The code errors out with: “XCOMM Init I2C Failed!”


The specific commits I’m dealing with are:


HDL: b185d46573ba6090e58dede652689b673eb97b32

no-OS: 7a8aaed4011efe7874f2d93f16b845bc74a5dd06

fpgahdl_xilinx: 9ba3ed9df6e8af1921e9bccf201a689b94a49e98


I’ve tried going back to earlier tags for the HDL repo to see if they were compatible with Vivado 2012.4, but they didn’t appear to be.


Has anyone been able to test out recent HDL repo updates against no-OS code operation on the Zedboard / AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ combination?


What repo / revision was used to produce the output for the cf_xcomm_zed files in the fpgahdl_xilinx repo? I’m making the assumption that it was not the HDL repo since that seems to require a different Vivado version.