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Custom LDF and IVT questions on ADSP-21479 assembly only project

Question asked by cbeaver on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by CraigG

Hi all,


I have been trying to implement a custom LDF for use in my assembly-only project in CCES, as was suggested to me in an earlier thread. I am using SPI to boot the processor from a custom made board and want to implement a simple test program to toggle the state of a FLAG pin. In the attachment you will find both my assembly file and my custom LDF. The assembly file contains a simple loop in the seg_pmco section to toggle the pin. However, I believe that I am required to handle the reset interrupt in the seg_rth section in order to jump to my _main instruction when the processor resets after booting the kernel. I have some questions regarding this:


1) Are there any reserved labels to handle the different interrupts? For example, a __reset label for the reset event. Where are these documented?


I have found some examples on this in the forum, but they appear to be somewhat conflicting - some use specific section names such as ".section/pm IVreset", ".section/pm IVirq2", ..., others use a single section with different labels.


2) If not, how do I jump to different labels defined in my seg_pmco section in response to a specific interrupt event?


The custom LDF in the attachment is basically a stripped down version of the default LDF, from which I have removed any sections involving the C-runtime and external sdram memory. What appears to be missing is the output section that handles my IVT code. How do I include this information - again with respect to my previous question about having different interrupt sources?


Thanks in advance.