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Lot ID and serial number info from  ADIS16364

Question asked by jgmick on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by NevadaMark

We are experimenting with the SPI interface to obtain (for production record keeping) the LOT ID (1 & 2) and gyro serial number.


We have validated the SPI interface by reading out the gyro P/N (returns 16364) and SUPPLY_OUT (returns 5.055 Volts, input measured at the board level is 5.032 Volts.)  We normally use the burst mode to read the sensor data, but are using a special routine to read single parameters and wish to validate this routine further.


Reading LOT_ID1, LOT_ID2, and SERIAL_NUM we get:


LOT_ID1 = 0d1809, 0x0711

LOT_ID2 = 0d4882, 0x1312

SERNO  = 9305


The documentation states (p16 & Table 32) that LOT_ID is an INT32.  Combining the 2 received numbers produces an incredible decimal value (118559506).  What does this number represent?  Is it actually broken down into sub-fields that then pack into the INT32.  IF so, what is the structure?  We can simply record the values but would like a better understanding of their meaning.


For the lot ID numbers and serial number, are these reasonable numbers?  Please advise.



Joe Mickley