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USB API documentation for BF609

Question asked by KenH on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by penguin007

1) CCES 1.1.0 help system does not have API documentation for the USB modules for any of the blackfins, excluding the BF70x. For BF609, I believe its the same implementation as in BF70x, so I assume I can reference that documentation for my development.


2) Right off, adi_musbmhdrc_Init() makes mention of being called by Micrium's stack. Can this API not be used in an OS-less implementation?


3) Is there any documentation available for this API that can walk through which functions should be called in what order to get a USB device up and running without requiring the expense of at least $10K for the OS and device stack? For example, from the looks of it there is no EP0 handler provided so that would need to be written; no way to hook in device, configuration or string descriptors, no callbacks for class requests, etc.


4) API documentation seems to imply that only a single data transfer can happen at a time. With this API, am I limited to only having one active endpoint at a time? Can I not have a composite device with multiple endpoints with numerous data types being transmitted back and forth at a time?


5) Why would ADI not have ported any of their existing USB examples from VDSP to CCES? Essentially, it appears this is what I need to do and also somehow try and get it to possibly work via this new API.


6) I understand that you leveraged (a dirty word) the requirement of uC/OS III if building with CCES, but that's not what my company needs or wants. They want to develop bare metal solutions as they had done so in VDSP, but on a newer, more capable processor. That makes CCES a requirement. Is there anything ADI can do to make OS-less USB development easier?