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please help me about setup on ad9914

Question asked by happywarwick on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by _USER_

I use 25M clock input dds and internal PLL output 2.45M system clk. My goal is to output 90 single tone wave manually. But i should first output one wave correctly. So i make some simple test first.


At first, i use serial program and profile mode to output a sine wave. it works right. So i plan to use direct mode to test whether it works right.



Because i have to use internal PLL, so I should setup DDS core and then change to direct mode. However, it doesn't work right.


Here is my setup process.


Initialize dds:

master reset

Function pins:0001





count some time then

Function pins:0010

Data pins:32'b00000101001110010111100000101010

I want to know what my problem is. so please help me to figure it out. thank u.