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How do I flash multiple .LDR files for dual core BF561?

Question asked by WillKS on Sep 9, 2010
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I have our own board that is based on the EZ-kit Lite board for the BF561. It includes the M29W640D flash chip connected as per the evaluation board. I have a dual core application that I need to load to the flash. I can create the DXE files and then can create two LDR files, one for each core. Using the flash proogrammer utility within VDSP++ 4.0 I can load one of the LDR files to the flash chip. However, I assume that it is being written to location 0x00000000 in the flash address range. When I then load the core b LDR file it just writes it in the same place.


How do I tell the flash programmer to write the second LDR file in a different loaction. How does the ROM boot loader know to get the data for the second LDR file?




Ta, Will