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[ADV7181D] 0x0E register difference between Table 69 and Table 61.

Question asked by Tamu on Jul 24, 2014
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I have a question about ADV7181D.


There is a following description about 0x0E ADI Contorol Register on Table 69: Register 0x0D to 0x11
of ADV7181D_Manual_Rev0.pdf page.216.
0x0E [7:6] = 00 (Reserved)
0x0E [5]   = SUB_USR_EN


However, there is a following description about 0x0E (the same register) on Table 61: User Map
of ADV7181D_Manual_Rev0.pdf page.205.
0x0E[7] = HIDI2CEN
0x0E[6] = SUB_USR_EN.1
0x0E[5] = SUB_USR_EN.0


Which description is correct?
I think 0x0E [7:6] should be "00" and we can use only 0x0E [5] (SUB_USR_EN) in order to access to USER SUB MAP.
Is this right?


Thank you!
Best regards.