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Using the OpenCv-like APIs in the Image Processing Toolbox

Question asked by Bobperet on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Ram_92

I am trying to use some of the OpenCv-like APIs (for example cvErode()) that are defined in the document "Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox Product Reference Guide".  As best as I can tell, the APIs that start with "cv" are not part of the image library "libadi_image_tool_box_cces.dlb", but are scattered about in the examples provided with the toolbox.  I have located the "cvErode" call inside of "ImageProcessingToolbox-BF-Rel2.3.0\Example\morphology\cv_morphology.c".  I would have expected the .h and .c files for the "cv" functions to be in the provided folders "cv_src", and "cv_include".  Am I missing something or are the documented "cv-like" functions just spread around in an ad-hoc method in the example folders?