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CCES version and whether SHARC or Blackfin processor being used -- .java, plugin

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jul 22, 2014
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My student has been writing a CCES plugin from eclipse


We (OK my student) has been able to find all the standard Eclipse interface call to identify whether we are calling the SHARC or blackfin tool chain and the processor being used.


However, there are a couple of places where we need to know whether we are currently using CCES_1.0.3 or CCES_1.1.0, especially when we are transitioning between two releases to make sure paths to libraries work


1) If it is not a trade secret -- what is the eclipse java call that we can use to find which version of CCES is running.

2) In the continued absence of any API information on the Analog website, if I wanted to pose my current plug-in source so others can see what calls we have been able to identify, where should I do it?