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Absolute maximum MCLK frequency for AD9837BCPZ

Question asked by Anoop on Jul 22, 2014
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I just completed a design utilizing an AD9837BCPZ DDS chip(ie, the 16MHz MCLK version), and I had incorporated a 16MHz crystal oscillator (ECS-3963-160-AU-TR), with a frequency tolerance of +/-100ppm. Now I'm a bit worried what will happen if,the crystal oscillator outputs a frequency=16MHz + it's max worst case frequency tolerance=16.001600 MHz. I'm not sure how tight the 16MHz max MCLK freq spec is, or how much margin over 16MHz the part has for the MCLK freq max limit. Can you please say if the part will work fine even if the MCLK frequency is as high as~16.001600 MHz