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Error loading executable built for 0.2 silicion into 0.2 silicon target

Question asked by PedroMonje on Sep 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by CraigG

Hello everybody;


I have a problem with my DSPs. Let see if you can help me. I will be pleased with any help.



I am using a DSP BF537E, revision V1.2.4. I have created a loader program which loads correctly into the DSP.


Now I want to load the same program into another BF537E, but in this case it is revision V3.0.1.


The problem is that when the file is loading in the Flash Programmer, suddendly it halts and does not finish.


Previously, I get a warning in the console. That is:


Loading driver: C:\Documents and Settings\VDSPFlashProgrammer\CM-BF537xFlash.dxe
Trying to load an executable built for 0.2 silicon into a 0.3 silicon target. Continue?


It says that the exectuable is buitl for 0.2 silicion, although I chose Automatic


What differences are between the revisions? Which files do I have to use? Where is the problem?



Thank you and kind regards