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Accessing the SDP + ADAS1000 Evaluation Board (EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ) from C#

Question asked by andrewf on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Hasan2015

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to use access a SDP-B + EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ setup from a C# application. I'm using the SDK ( I'm using the sdpApi1.SdpManager.connectVisualStudioDialog() function from a C# Application to connect to the EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ. The API asks for one or two EEPROM ID to connect to the SDP daughterboard. I've only found online this EEPROM ID (24LC32A-I/MS) AND (24LC32) for the EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ but it doesnt' seem to work. The connection dialog pops up but it is unable to match the daughterboard with the ID I provied. Could someone please suggest me the correct EEPROM ID to use to connect to this evaluation board? Thank you in advance and best regards,