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ADV8003 TMDS Receiver Video Detection

Question asked by 92107 on Jul 21, 2014
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Is there any way to determine the resolution and frame rate into the ADV8003 TMDS input if it is being fed DVI and not HDMI?  HDMI supports AVI Info-frames which the ADV8003 can capture to be accessed to determine input format but DVI doesn't support AVI Info-frames.


I see the HDMI Transmitter in the ADV8003 has "video mode detection".  Why is this present on the HDMI Transmitter block?  Is this a potential way to detect incoming DVI resolution and frame rate, by driving the Serial Receiver block output straight to the HDMI Transmitter block and reading its video mode detection register(s)?  If so, once we determine the input, configure the VSP to our needs, and feed it to the TMDS Transmitter block how do we handle a change in the input?  Do we need to monitor the video mode detection of the HDMI Transmitter to see if it changes even thought it will now be handling the VSP output?