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SDRAM with ADSP-BF527 Exceptions?

Question asked by on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Andreas

A question from a local customer:


We've been using a Blackfin BF527 with a Micron SDRAM

(MT48LC32M16A2P-75) for a few years.  I cloned that design for a new project, and of course I couldn't get the Micron part, so I used an ISSI part (IS42S16320D-7TLI) for my proto boards.  They boot to L1, set up the SDRAM, branch there, run a little ways, then crash with various exceptions such as illegal instruction.  So I dug up the spreadsheet that ADI provided for calculating the SDRAM parameters.

Still no go.


I was sure I had successfully tried the ISSI parts way back when, and digging around I found the part I'd tried had a "B" suffix instead of "D".  Also, the local FAE pointed me to Micron's long-term support document, and it looks like I should change to a 256Mbit part anyway.


So, a couple of questions:


  1. Am I doing something wrong, or do the faster "D" parts not work with the Blackfin?

2. Is there a way to auto-detect what kind of SDRAM is there, and set up the Blackfin accordingly?  (Size, speed grade, manufacturer)


Thank you,