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download.bat in AD9467-FMC demo doesn't load software successfully

Question asked by teddyking on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2015 by andrewwang

I ran the provided download.bat file.  Everything seems right.  In the command window, I saw both logic and software were downloaded successfully.  But the software wasn't running since I had no output in the serial console (I verified all the settings were right), and the Chipscope didn't give me the right waveform I expected.


Then I commented the last four lines of download.tcl script (basically just initialize the PL and PS without downloading and running the software).  After I downloaded the software from SDK, I saw the expected serial console output and this time the waveform in the Chipscope was also as expected.


Has any one run into this issue?  Is this a Xilinx problem?  Or is there something wrong with the TCL script?