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ADG936 input DC offset

Question asked by arvabj on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by EricC

I am planning to use the ADG936 switches for application where input DC offset is 0.8V. The input signal frequency will be less than 400MHz and the AC swing on each input (each RF1X, RF2X input) can be as high as 0.8Vpp (or +- 0.4V). So each input can go as high as 1.2V peak (0.8V DC offset + 0.4V peak AC input). The Switch should be able to pass this DC offset and AC signal to the output.


According to the datasheet it looks encouraging for 0.5V DC offset on inputs, where input can be as high as 16dBm. How about 0.8V DC offset, with 2.5V VCC and input conditions that i mentioned above ? Will there be any bandwidth reduction, lower input power limits or any other issues ? According to AN-952, the ON-Resistance increases with Source-Voltage. So with 1.2V maximum source-voltage (per  in my case, the ON-Resistance is around 9 Ohms.


Please let me know of any issues possible with my application.