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ADV7180WBCP32Z: Usage of VS/FIELD Pin

Question asked by behrthor on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by DaveD

Hello, I’ve a customer using the ADV7180WBCP32Z within one of this applications. With this part the signals VS/FIELD are together at one PIN – so you have to select that signal you like to have (either or). The ADV7180WBSTZ instead has 2 Pins, one for each signal VS and FIELD. Generally the customer gets a classic composite (FBAS) signal  - controller is a Freescale Vybrid with which he wants to connect a classic display with RGB Interface. So I suppose they need both, HS/VS Signals. The customer now wants to know how to use the VS/FIELD Pin of ADV7180WBCP32Z in terms of the connected display and what he will lose if he either uses VS or FIELD instead? In other words, what is the advantage of the ADV7180WBSTZ which offers both signals parallel at the same time (at 2 pins)? Thanks & Best Regards, Thorsten Behr, FAE SEMITRON Swiss AG