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Standard digital isolator for I2S audio line

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 18, 2014
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We are now studying to use ADI standard digital isolators for I2S, not I2C-bus but Inter-IC sound bus, replacing for legacy photo couplers.

One considering I have is I2S is seemed to be specified as TTL type of logic which VIL=0.8V and VIH=2.0V, subject to I2S bus specification of Feb.1986 (but it notes: <At present, TTL is considered a standard for logic levels. As other IC (LSI) technologies become popular, other levels will also be supported>, however I can not find out any newer specifications, so far), against ADI isolator seems to be using CMOS logic level.


Could you please make sure whether ADI's standard digital isolators are suitable for insulation in I2S digital audio lines ?

Or, if you provide any note of caution when using isolators in I2S lines, it would be very much appreciated.


I may add that devices of our interest are, for example,  ADuM751x, ADuM348x, ADuM228x, ADuM128x or others. 


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