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ADV7182 Software Issue

Question asked by wcgood on Jul 18, 2014
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There are software technical problems of ADV7182 below.


The problems background is:

        - Set Decoder Power On , and Set to Force Free Run mode(NSTC M) via IIC with correct IIC feedback.

        - MCU can detect scanline interrupt (continuously), and no exception generated. But the data after VideoIn Conversion Written into framebuffer(VRAM) are always all 0x000000(RGB) .


But we check all related setting in MCU Video In Module (Set as ITU-R 656(YUV4:2:2), Embedded Synchronization ,Sequence UY0VY1, Data Change at Clock Rise Edge, 480 * 720 , Interlaced Scan ), And Didn't find more doubtful point ?


So we want some support from our side to check if the output from ADV7182 is expected or Not , Or is There something else we didn't considered for MCU Video In Module Settings from your side .


  Here I captured pictures of some port output from ADV7182.