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Different sample frequency on ADI AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ Board

Question asked by mesungahl on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by rejeesh

Hi all,


I'm working with ADI AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ Board using reference design from wiki ADI AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ Boards & Xilinx Reference Design    [Analog Devices Wiki] I have to change sampling frequency on AD9250. I modify two register in ad9517_setup() to divide VCO frequency.

fmc176_spi_write(FMC176_AD9517, 0x0190, sel) for AD9250 sel=0x21 for 250MHz sel=0x55 for 100MHz

fmc176_spi_write(FMC176_AD9517, 0x0199, sel) for FPGA, GTX

When I change these two register, ACD was resynchronized and on the terminal was shown error  "JESD link/lane errors!!" every time.


What should i do to change these frequency?