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u-boot detect cpu(bf60x) revision error

Question asked by jiangfux on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Aaronwu

when run u-boot on bf606, u-boot print "CPU:   ADSP bf606-0.1 (Detected Rev: 0.0) (parallel flash boot)"

uboot use bfin_read_CHIPID() to read revision ID.

In bf609_cdef.h,

BF609_cdef.h:21:#define bfin_read_CHIPID()     bfin_read32(CHIPID)


BF609_def.h:234:#define    CHIPID    0xffc00014


but 0xffc00014 is not address of SDU_IDCODE.

the correct address of SDU_IDCODE is  0xffc1f020.


where can i find all correct register address of bf60x cpu. In <ADSP-BF60X blackfin hardware reference, Revision 0.5.pdf>, I find nothing about register address.


thank you.