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BF532 and NAND detection

Question asked by Anwar on Sep 6, 2010
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I have a MT29f2G16AAD 2GB NAND Flash memory which is 16 BIT and I am not being able to configure it correct as it always come up with a message :

No NAND Device Found.!!

The Chip select is connected to AMS0 and the Device Id read by nand_base is 0 while the manufasturer id read is 37. Although theManufacturer id should be 2C and Device Id should be CA according to data sheet. What I think is that the base address is not correct. Kindly suggest how can we determine the base address.?

I have done the following changes for the configurations



#define CFG_NAND_ADDR          0x20000000
#define CFG_NAND_BASE          CFG_NAND_ADDR
#define CFG_MAX_NAND_DEVICE    1
#define SECTORSIZE             512
#define ADDR_COLUMN             1
#define ADDR_PAGE               2
#define ADDR_COLUMN_PAGE        3
#define NAND_ChipID_UNKNOWN    0x00
#define NAND_MAX_FLOORS        1
#define NAND_MAX_CHIPS         1
#define BFIN_NAND_READY       PF14


#define NAND_WAIT_READY(nand)              \
    do {                     \
        int timeout = 0;         \
        while(!(*pPORTFIO & PF14))     \
            if (timeout++ > 10000000)    \
                break;        \
    } while (0)


#define BFIN_NAND_CLE     (1<<3)                  /* A3 -> Command Enable */
#define BFIN_NAND_ALE     /(1<<2)                  /* A2 -> Address Enable */