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About AD5422

Question asked by Tarzan on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by alexis

Hi there,

I have some question about AD5422.
Would you give me some advice?


According to the datasheet, AD5422 has a Aversion and Bversion.
What are the differences between Aversion and Bversion.
It looks like that Bversion has a better TUE spec.
And this TUE comes from typicaldata(not max) of offset and gain error.
Is my unserstainding correct?

I found the similar product from TI.
It looks like that DAC8760 has a better specs about TUE compared to AD5422 Aversion.
But TUE is much smaller than  the total for INL+Offset+Gainerror.
I just wondered where this TUE come from.
Please check out the  attached file and give your thougnt on this.



It looks like AD5422 and DAC8760 are compatible.

Can I exchange DAC8760 with AD5422 without any change in hard ware and software?



I 'm looking at AD5422 datasheet.

But I can't find infromation about gain caliblration resister and offset calibration resister from Table 8.

Please tell me how to acsess these registers.


Best regards,