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Sigma Hierarchy Procedure

Question asked by electrojim on Sep 5, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2010 by BrettG

Apologies in adavance if this is a bonehead question, but I can't locate any Help info to set me straight.


Say you start a Sigma project from scratch as a standalone circuit, but later want to incorporate that circuit as a hierarchy board in another design.  Is there a way to convert from a 'project' (.dspproj) to a 'board' (.dspbrd)?  What I've been doing is simply copying the entire project circuit to the clipboard, and then pasting it onto a new hierarchy page in the master project it wants to be a part of.  This works okay... sort of.  The major pain is that the yellow interconnects (wires) lose their bearings as the circuit is copied and pasted.  In particular, when the 'wires' have been routed neatly around various parts, especially using the "Insert Point" command, all that formatting disappears and the resulting rat's nest has to be re-sorted.  Any ideas?