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ADV7342/7343, SD only, 24bit, 4:4:4 RGB input

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 15, 2014
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Our customer is asking whether ADV7342/7343 can handle video input of SD only, 24-bit, 4:4:4, RGB pixel input as shown in following timing.


customer provided.bmp


It is a bit different from timing shown in Datasheet Figure 4 as follows, that it has 122 clocks interval before valid RGB pixel data after HSYNC. 

SD only 24bit 4-4-4 RGB input _DS Figure 4.bmp


Could you please confirm ADV7342/7343 is avaiable for RGB data shown in above ?


In addition, time period of active LO at HSYNC is 8 clock length as shown in above, so please confirm whether it is good at ADV7342/7343 and is there any problem or not.


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