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ADV7842: How detect number of audio channels for multichannel mode?

Question asked by Sasa on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by raymondcarter



Bit “AUDIO_CH_MD_RAW (IO.0x65[4], (RO), p.228)” indicates if 2-channel audio data or multi-channel audio data is received. How define – how much is received multi-channel audio?


What is the different between bits “AUDIO_CH_MD_RAW (IO.0x65[4], (RO), p.228)” and “AUDIO_CHANNEL_MODE (HDMI.0x07[6], (RO), p.228)”?


May be, there is confuse in description of bit “AUDIO_CH_MD_RAW (IO.0x65[4], (RO), p.228)”: in HDMI specification “layout0” define for single IEC 61937 or single 2-channel IEC 60958, and “layout1” – for three to eight channels of L-PCM audio (i.e. two to four IEC 60958 streams). In “UG-214.pdf” – definition of “layout” is inverted. Which value of bit “AUDIO_CH_MD_RAW” correspond to single 2-channel audio (that is “layout0”)?