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ADV7511 LLC issue at higher frequencies

Question asked by percy on Jul 15, 2014
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I have a design with an FPGA and a ADV7511 connected to it. The tracks are around 3 inches long between the FPGA and ADV. The llc pin has a parallel termination at the end of the line at the ADV end. I am having issues when I run the design at higher frequencies like 1080p60 with a 148.5MHz clock. Sometimes the ADV takes around 5 seconds to lock. Other times it does it straight away. Sometimes I can get a picture and other times I cant. When I do get a picture usually some of the image has flickering pixels. The problem goes away when I use a lower video resolution so it seems to be freq related. I am quite surprised that I am having so much trouble with this as I have other devices on the PCB that run at far higher freq and they are fine. Any help appreciated.