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Software modules G729 and RTC/RTCP

Question asked by RicardoAT on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2010 by RatheeshMallaya


I am testing the software modules G.729AB VoiceCodec and RTP_RTCP and i have a doubt.

I observed ( using G729_PACKED_BITSTREAM_FORMAT) when the VAD in G729 is ON, and the (PCM) signal is low, when the VAD acts, the G729 codec outputs samples like:


0x6b21 0x0010 0xyyyy           where 0xyyyy is part of  coded signal, and other one sample,

0x6b21 0x0000


When signal is high the samples is:

0x6b21 0x0050 0xyyyy 0xyyyy 0xyyyy 0xyyyy 0xyyyy


My doubt is how (or what) i send it to the RTC? The 0x0000 is sent? What i put into RTC in buffer?


I observed that (directly, not using RTC,) if do not sent  the 0x6b21 0x0000 to G729 decode it work also, but the number of output PCM samples is less than original.


Thanks for now.