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ADP2303, estimating DCM at Inverting Buck topology

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 15, 2014
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When using ADP2303ARDZ adjustable output at Inverting Buck topology, actually 6V input and -(minus)5V output with 1.2A load, how do I estimate minimum(boundary) load value which is NOT going into Discontinuous Conduction Mode ?


I downloaded ADP230x Inverting Buck-Boost Designer and am trying to follow the schematic which is generated.

I also refer to ADP2303 datasheet(Rev.A) but it doesn't mention to DCM, except Figure 24. I do also not understand how do I perceive this chart, so if you provide more explanation about this Figure 24, it would be very much appreciated.


If you provide other choice of device with lower risk of noise emission under above condition, it would also be appreciated.


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