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ADF4159 EB1Z Eval Board Issues

Question asked by Chakravarthy on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by rbrennan

It seems my post went to the general forum... Here's it again..


I recently purchased this eval board. After setting up the required power supplies, SMA cables etc just started testing the board.

I have only a 100MHz oscillioscope, so can not directly view the 12 GHz o/p from the board.

So I would like to infer the o/p signal by tapping the N-Divder o/p using the programmable MUXOUT pin.

Currently I use a discrete 50ohms resistor for VCO/2 SMA connector termination.


The board is getting connected and all the register writes etc are ok.

But I don't see the LOCK DETECT LED ON. There's no Lock detect at MUXOUT either.

No N-Divider o/p on the MUXOUT pin when I select it.


All supply voltages are ok and I could get R-Divide & R-Divide/2 o/p on the MUXOUT pin.

I could also get oll the VDD and GND signals on MUXOUT pin.


I don't see any sign of signals on the VCO/2 or EXT_VCOOUT or CPOUT connectors.

Tried various register settings but no use so far.


Could anyone suggest what's wrong with the board and best way to tap the N-Divider signal for viewing?


Thanks in advance.