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Chipscope Ila doesn't show anything!

Question asked by Jetmiri on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by DragosB

I'm using Zedboad + FMCOMMS1 + Windows7 as my platform. I am trying to get information at my Chipscope out of axi_adc9643. I am using XPS 14.6. The connect of Ila ports are as follow

CHIPSCOPE_ILA_CONTROL           chipscope_icon_0::control_0

CLK                                                       axi_adc9643_0::adc_clk

DATA                                                     axi_adc9643_clk::adc_mon_data

Trig0                                                      axi_adc9643_clk::adc_mon_valid

Trig_out                                                  NON

Is there any problem with my configuration or something else. I am trying to run the main program form the No OS platform given in reference design fpgahdl_xilinx/cf_xcomm_zed at master · analogdevicesinc/fpgahdl_xilinx · GitHub and no-OS/fmcomms1 at master · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub

Any help!?

In the parallel terminal I can see that the program is running but I am not able to see the waveform on the chipscope.