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Question asked by SPAN on Jul 14, 2014
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Dear sir:

I have the problem about the state machine of  agc fast attact mode.

As we know ,the fast attact mode is used in the TDD mode.

When in the state 1 the large burst can be detected by peak overload detector.

The problem is

1.How do we know the start time of the burst exactly?

2.If the burst strength  is intially below the  Large LMT Overload Threshold, the agc procedure  is still keep on going

   and enter to the state 2?

   If so, how do we distinguish the signal is nosie or the burst?

3.When enter the state 3, and low power detect, it will go to state 2A  and increase gain,

   But if in the end of the burst, it really hane no bust, but the procedure would increase the nosie gain and go back to state 1

  Would it casue false alarm?


Thanks for your help!