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GP Timer EXTCLK mode on BF70x

Question asked by Ujinosuke on Jul 13, 2014
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I have a question about GP Timer EXTCLK ( clock source: SCLK) on BF70x.


I want to start free run timer counter on BF70x Ezkit, but the timer never count up SCLK clock.


My source code is below.


void start_timer() {



                     ENUM_TIMER_TMR_CFG_CLKSEL_SCLK |

                     ENUM_TIMER_TMR_CFG_IRQMODE0 |



    *pREG_TIMER0_TMR0_PER = 0x1000;


    *pREG_TIMER0_DATA_IMSK &= ~(0x1);


    *pREG_TIMER0_RUN_SET = 0x1;



After start_timer0() is executed, TIMER0_TMR0_CNT register value is fixed as 0, and never count up, and no interrupts.


Please teach me my program's fail points.



Free run counter is correctly working on PWM_OUT mode, instead of EXTCLK mode. I can get free run counter using PWM_OUT mode, but I wondered why EXTCLK cannot use.