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ADAU1452 Master Control Port

Question asked by rocketscience on Jul 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by jmccarty

Hi there.


I want to boot a codec (AD1939) over the master SPI port of the ADAU1452.

When trying to drag, drop and configure the 'Master Control Port I/O' block in Sigma Studio (3.10.4 or 3.11 beta)

I always get these errors by pressing the button OK, no matter what settings are used:


program exception.JPG

I've read about the silicon anomaly and don't want to use interrupts.


Any ideas to get around this issue?


And second: How can I link this rountine to a slave select channel number (slave select pin, e.g. MP13)?

Respectively: When configuring multiple slaves, how can I assign multiple of these 'Master Control Port I/O' blocks to individual slave select channels?


Thanks, Chris / rocket science ZRH