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AD5622 I2C Issue

Question asked by currentleak on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by musach


In our design we use 2x AD5622 and few others devices, on an I2C bus.

We are seeing odd behaviour with the AD5622, when we perform an EEPROM transaction, and that the AD5622 address is within the data, the DAC react to the I2C transaction by changing its output voltage.


We've captured  the I2C transaction and output of the DAC, with an oscilloscope, see attached screen shot.

EEPROM is at address 51, the pink trace is the DAC's output.


It's a big issue for us, and are trying to find the root cause and hopefully a solution or a workaround.


Many thanks for your help.


I2C EEPROM transaction.PNG