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MEMS Accelerometer used as low frequency acoustic drum microphone

Question asked by Elements.Instruments on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by NevadaMark

I would like to request that this discussion remain confidential as it exists between myself and anyone willing to participate.  Thank you.

I'm attempting to use a low frequency accelerometer as a microphone on an acoustic bass drum for recording in studio and live concert settings.  I will either attach the sensor directly to the drum shell surface, or suspend the sensor in front of the drum head.

I need assistance in selecting the correct accelerometer for this application.  I also need help determining a system configuration for the sensor that will allow a sound board (supplying 48V phantom power through an XLR cable) to receive and use the signal from the accelerometer.  I am looking to capture frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 10 kHz if possible.

I realize most small accelerometers cap out at around 2kHz, but this is a new idea so i'm determining feasibility at this point.  I've looked in to piezo and traditional microphone technology and have not been able to find anything