ZedRadio : a web radio with adau1761 and ZedBoard

Discussion created by raph38130 on Jul 11, 2014

Hi folks,


for the newcomers... another zedboard/zynq adau1761 tutorial.

all the hidden hints to build a linux web radio from scratch...


key features :

  • linux vivado 2014.2 design (based upon ADI design, but with only adau1761 DAC, no hdmi, fmc,...)
  • poky 1.6 linux bitbaked (learn how to add mpg123, alsa-utils, libgcc)
  • ADI linux kernel & driver (specific poky recipe)
  • the right .config (ext4, BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE... UART1, ...)
  • a simplified dts (avoid dtb hell and choose the right interrupt number...)


see here

hope it helps,