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How many serial ports needed for HW SRCs on 21489?

Question asked by PaulB on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by McB

I'm working on a SHARC audio processing application that needs to receive 4 I2S streams at different sample rates and convert them to a common 44.1 kHz reference.  The 21489 has 4 hardware sample rate converters.  How many of the SHARC serial ports do I need to use?  From reading the manual, it looks like each SRC would need a separate SPORT on the input and on the output.  This would mean 8 serial ports would be used?  Could you please confirm?


I also have additional audio inputs and outputs using TDM that will require serial ports.  Is there any way to utilize the SRCs without consuming all 8 SPORTs?


Thank you.


-Paul Beckmann