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problems in with iio_sys_obj

Question asked by numismaster on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by dpu

I am going through the Simulink libiio [Analog Devices Wiki]

page to install libiio - Finally after several hours of looking for and installing missing dependencies we were able to load the LInux side. However, on the PC side I am getting the following error from MATLAB: Any help wouuld be greatly appreciated.


Warning: The System object name 'iio_sys_obj' specified in MATLAB System block

'iio_sys_obj_block/MATLAB System' is not found. Make sure that the System object is on

the path, the name uses the correct capitalization, and you do not include a file


  In general\private\openmdl at 13

  In general\private\openslx at 9

  In open at 159

  In uiopen at 167


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