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BF609 Clipping Registers

Question asked by c_quin on Jul 10, 2014
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I'm trying to use the EPPI clipping registers to convert the YUV image feed to binary in the VideoLoopbackYUV example in CCES.

I am using all default options except I've altered adi_mt9m114.c to include (at line 1481):







where EVEN_CLIP_VALUE and ODD_CLIP_VALUE are equal and in the form 0x00FA00B4 (for example), but I'm not seeing a difference in the output video via HDMI with different values of the 8-bit high and low clipping values. I haven't found that the EPPI_CTL.RGBFMTEN bit is set, so I'm assuming the EPPI_EVENCLIP and EPPI_ODDCLIP registers shouldn't be ignored in this example.


Am I missing a command that would enable the clipping behavior?