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RX Gain Index vs. NF & IIP3

Question asked by JeffGoos on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by JeffGoos

I am interested in the AD9361/4's NF and IIP3 vs Full Table Gain Index.  I looked at the graphs on the last page of the "AD9361 Gain Control and RSSI User Guide V2.9" for NF and page 26 of the data sheet for IIP3.  However the Full Table graphs only go down to a gain index of 20 or 25 depending on frequency.  I'm looking for data all the way down to a Full Table Gain Index of 0.


Is this data available?  If not, some round numbers at 10dB and 0dB will work for me.  Any frequency from 800MHz to 2400MHz works too.