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AD2S1210 Resolver to digital. Configuration

Question asked by Koldo on Jul 10, 2014
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It is the first time I have to configure this driver and I don´t understand the details of the thresholds configuration. In general I don´t know which are the exact measurements that are compared with thresholds (Vrms, Vp-p, instantaneous voltage...) and I don´t know if these matchings are made in every reading or when the sin/cosine is expected to be at their minimum or maximum values. Specifically these are my question:


  1. Related to "Sine/cosine inputs below LOS threshold" fault: Which value of sine/cosine is compared with the programmed threshold?:
    1. Vp-p when the sine/cosine is at its minimum value.
    2. Vrms when the sine/cosine is at its minimum value.
    3. Last Vp-p measured.
    4. Last Vrms measured.
    5. Minimun Vp of the last measured.
    6. Other...
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    1. Maximum Vp-p sin vs maximum Vp-p cos
    2. Maximum Vp-p sin vs previous maximum Vp-p. The same with cosine
    3. Other...
  4. Related to "Sine/cosine inputs below DOS mismatch threshold": If the answer to question 3 is 2, with enough time, although the hardware is perfect, the fault will active. Am I wrong?
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